Everything started 18 years ago back when I used to live in the Dominican Republic. I was 17 and I needed to do some community service in order to get my high school diploma.

I decided to do it working at a Dermatology Hospital. I spent 3 months working for free. But there was no payment big enough as the experience I earned while working in that hospital, plus, I got my teenage acne treated!

Once the 3 months were done, the medical director asked me to stay with them as a trainee for a Medical Esthetician position they had at an important Derm hospital. I said YES without hesitating and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I spent 7 years in that position while working with them, I decided to go to college and get my associates degree. The fact that I was actually already putting into practice whatever I learned at school, helped me to graduate with honors.

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